Dr. Wesley Muhammad at Muhammad Mosque No. 3 in Milwaukee, WI

Dr. Wesley Muhammad




Master Fard Muhammad and the Paul Guthrie Deception

In this 7 hour series of talks, Dr. Wesley Muhammad meticulously rebuts Mr. Paul Guthries popular claims that Master Fard Muhammad is an Indian Buddhist. Dr. Muhammad dismantles the five pillars of Guthrie's errors:

1) The 2,000 mile walk points to the Indus Valley only.

2) The 9,000 nautical miles point to the Indus Valley only.

3) The Mecca of the Supreme Wisdom was the Indus Valley only.

4) Master Fard Muhammad never mentioned Allah or the Prophet Muhammad—nor did he profess the Shahada.

5) Master Fard Muhammad wrote in the Indian Urdu, not in Arabic.

Parts 4 and 5 contain the “Epilogue” to the famous 3-part lecture and “Mr. Paul Guthrie Recants” videos. Part 2 contains presentation slides as PDF.

The lectures were presented during the month of December, 2018.

The Quran, The Sunnah and Master Fard Muhammad
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