Dr. Wesley Muhammad at Muhammad Mosque No. 3 in Milwaukee, WI

Dr. Wesley Muhammad




The Chemical Conspiracy

Nowadays, many are familiar with the terms "Weed," "Dank," or "Loud." Over fifty years ago, the United States Army Chemical Corps called it "EA 2233."

Another popular recreational drug known as "Ecstasy," "Thizz," or "Molly" was also part of a chemical military project by the same division. In 1965 it was designated "EA 1475."

The letters "EA" are an acronym for "Experimental Agent." Before weed and Molly were the recreational or turnup drugs of choice, they were experimental psychochemical weapons of the US Army. Dr. Wesley Muhammad explains how and why they were developed and released into the public. This lecture was presented at Pleasant Hope Baptist Church in Baltimore, MD USA, on April 22, 2017.

The slides from the presentation are also included.

The Chemical Conspiracy by Wesley Muhammad
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