Dr. Wesley Muhammad at Muhammad Mosque No. 3 in Milwaukee, WI

Dr. Wesley Muhammad




Scientifically Breeding Fear in The Black Man

Why do Black people in the United States seem to acquiesce to institutional racism? Why do Black people have trouble uniting and loving one another? The academic response typically lays blame on the legacy of chattel slavery. However, how is done? What is the evidence and can it be proven scientifically? Fear of white people and their powerful privileges are intimidating and Black people have built religious coping systems in order to get through the pressure. In Scientifically Breeding Fear in the Black Man, Dr. Wesley Muhammad presents a list of people, places and motivations behind the systematic assault on Black people. This 2+ hour long presentation includes a question and answer session. The slides are also included. DVD version also contains an MP3 audio file.

Scientifically Breeding Fear in The Black Man
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